An interesting environment

Getronics Belgium is not the largest ICT company in the country, but as a leading service provider we are big enough to execute and small enough to care. We do have a strong international backbone, boosting both our client base and our technological R&D. Result: you get to work on brilliant projects.

Great clients

The Getronics group consists of over 6000 employees with direct presence in 16 countries. We are a big and stable company with a nice track record in our core business. Many clients stay with us for a long time and allow us to work on their most complex projects.

Technologically advanced projects

More often than not, we are frontrunners in testing, refining and implementing new technologies. We were video-conferencing on a daily basis before most companies ever heard of the thing. We’ve reduced our floor space years ago by allowing people to work from home. We’re early adopters of all things technological. And we get to use these new things in solutions for our clients.

Great colleagues

We have the luxury to work with great people. You’ll discover this soon enough when you’ll be part of a team to go work at a clients. Those colleagues are probably the most interesting springboard for your career. Watch and learn, as the saying goes.

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