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Getronics is an ICT services provider. But that doesn’t really say much, does it? It means that we offer our clients everything they need to get work done in the office. From workspace solutions and managed services over communication to cloud services & datacenter and consultancy. The New World of Work plays a huge part in what we do.

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Getronics is an international company, with offices across Europe, Asia Pacific & Latin America, This global reach allows us to work for large companies on far-reaching and sometimes groundbreaking projects.

Full service: from cabling to consultancy

Getronics strongly believes in a let’s-go-all-the-way-together philosophy. Of course clients can get strategic IT consultancy from brilliant consultants. But we also deliver the cabling specialists that make sure these great ideas are also realized perfectly at the office. We truly are an A to Z company, taking responsibility for every step along the way.

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