A lot of opportunities to grow

Most companies these days offer some path to growth. We’re not that different. At Getronics, gaining knowledge and experience should be one of your top priorities. But there’s the catch: it’s your priority and your responsibility to take the chances we throw at you.

Plenty of training

We offer you a great training program, with many opportunities to strengthen your skills in whichever direction you choose. Interested in new technologies? Go out and get certificates for it. Is your ambition to become a team leader? Check out the leadership curriculum. We really want you to maximize your potential here.

Individual mentoring

By now you should know that you can’t learn everything in a classroom. Most things you’ll have to experience first and then convert those experiences into valuable lessons. But that’s not an easy task. That’s why your mentor is here. You should ask her (or him) your questions when you’re stuck. Mentors help you find your course.

Move upwards (or don't)

You’re in charge of your career at Getronics. It’s really your responsibility to follow training, become an expert and expand your skills. It’s also up to you to seek out job opportunities in new teams or at new levels. HR will guide you and support you of course – but we suggest you start building your internal network from day one.

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