A great culture

Here at Getronics, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a truly modern environment. But it’s not only the desks and computers that are shiny. Modern also means open and transparent. And with a clear focus on our main goal: serving our customers.

A New World of Work

We’re early adopters of this new style of working. We’ve had only flex desks for nearly five years now and working from home is entirely normal. This means we’ve outgrown the focus on tools and desks that most companies have when they start experimenting with the New World of Work.

At Getronics, NWOW means responsibility and trust. You’ll get a lot of freedom to organize and deliver your work. But it’s up to you to make sure every deadline is met and your work has the quality level the customer needs. There’s plenty of coaching right around the corner. But you’re in the driving seat. And that’s what makes it interesting.

No fixed hierarchy

Of course you have a manager. And of course he sets the goals and runs the team. But he’s not tucked away in an office, shielded by a secretary. Managers are colleagues, but with more decision making power, more knowledge and experience too. Don’t hesitate to talk to your manager, ask questions and suggest improvements. It’s how we like to work.

Client focused all the way

Our clients are the center of everything we undertake. It doesn’t matter what task you’re performing, in the end it always serves some customer’s goal. These goals are what we want to achieve. It’s why we go the extra mile when a deadline is approaching. It’s why we always question our processes and reinvent them when necessary.

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